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Due to our total commitment to keeping each one of these handcrafted straps truly world class we have had to close orders.... The good news isĀ if you join the wait list below you could be one of the first to order next time we open!



Just got my strap.. quite literally the best strap I've ever owned..I'll never use another. Evenly distributes the weight of the bass over the shoulder.. and make the bass feel balanced.. not to mention.. it's beautifully hand crafted leather!!

This truly is a strap for life! I’ve been playing professionally for over 40 years and have never owned a strap of this quality… Scott and team… you’ve rocked it again!

The strap is awesome, makes the bass feel quite light on my ageing bones (got if from my wife for a 60th birthday present, and a new P bass!). Thanks again for all your help.

Got my One Strap yesterday afternoon and used it for a 3 hour band practice last night.  It performed awesomely.  Way less shoulder and back fatigue, and without a doubt, it looks really nice.